25 Aug 2007

Charlotte to Chennai

Chennai is what I will call home now.

We arrived late, after midnight, in this new city and tired went straight to sleep. I was woken early morning by the loud song of the kukooo. I got up, grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. It had rained in the night and everthing looked fresh and clean. Soon I saw the bright colors of dawn and then the constant parade of birds began. I was surprised. I expected to see only crows in this teeming metro but boy! was I happy that I was proved wrong.

10 Aug 2007

Flower Fest - W for Wisteria

In May this year, I got to spend a delightful afternoon in the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Despite the bustling tourist activity, I had a good time. While walking around the well maintained garden, with its manicured bushes, trees and stone sculptures, I spied these beautiful hanging Wisteria.

Wisteria is a climbing vine with purple-blue flowers that hangs down like a bunch of grapes. It flowers in the beginning of spring. We had plenty growing in our neighbourhood too, but it did not occur to me to take pictures. I was busy looking for spring wildflowers then!

Google tells me that this plant is not very popular as it is invasive and suffocates other native plants, which in turn affects wildlife who depend on these native plants for food.

This is my entry for the letter W at Flower Fest
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