4 Jan 2011

Hello 2011

We ended a year and began a new one with a staycation that involved much happiness, laughter, adventure, good friends and dear family. Now things are settling down and we are slowly easing into our old routine that I have almost forgotten.  Here wishing a year filled with discovery, learning, growth, peace and good things.

20 Dec 2010

simple, light-hearted reading

I hardly read these days and what little reading I manage includes things like three bears and a girl, a chick called saturday and a rabbit that goes bump bump bump.  I want to change that and this is a start.

16 Nov 2010

Diwali, November 2010

It feels like I have lost a few days. That is the only way I can explain the lagging -behind feeling. I’m always strapped for time and rushing to finish chores that should have been dealt with two days back.  It's no fun!

Anyway, so in a catch up post, here are some pictures of our quiet Diwali celebration. We are not big into festivals, but this time we lit some lamps around the house and did a massive clean up. My Ma-in-law even made and strung a thoran on the front door. We enjoyed a lovely long walk in a nature reserve and had that full and happy feeling by the end of the day. And it was not just from the yummy Thai food we ate for dinner.

8 Nov 2010

new resolve

After letting another bag of fresh veggies rot in the bottom of my refrigerator, I've given myself this simple rule, "buy what you'll use and use what you buy." I've decided this is my mantra and will try to abide by it.

(Phew, I needed to write that down!)

2 Nov 2010

weekend was

rainy and cloudy
 long walk
cleaning and vacuuming
getting ready for a guest
cheesecake brownies
grocery shopping
lots of painting, drawing and jigsaw puzzles
afternoon naps
sitcoms on TV
simple but nutritious meals
Diwal decor in Little India
butterfly photography
picnic by the fish pond

happy and busy.

1 Nov 2010

So confused!

This has been plaguing me for a while. I have a few hobbies, so should I create a different blog for each hobby or just post everything in one blog under different categories?

 One blog and many topics, or many blogs with one topic?  That’s the question. I’m So confused!