31 May 2007

My Big RV Trip!

I'm back from an activity-packed, yet relaxed holiday in California. We hired an RV and stayed in it for the entire trip, except for a two-day stay in a beach resort in Pismo. The entire trip was an amazing experience, which will stay with me for a long time to come.

The RV we had was a comfortable vehicle with a bedroom, a shower stall, a toilet and a nice little kitchenette complete with a tiny refrigerator! Yes, we cooked some basic meals in the RV.

It had plenty of storage area that was just right for all the baggage including heavy suitcases of our family visiting from India. We were six people (4 adults and 2 children) and it was perfect for us. The seats, which converted to beds at night, were very comfortable and gave us a good night’s sleep and prepared us for the next day packed with swimming, hiking, walking, jogging and any other outdoor activity we fancied doing.

This was our campsite during our stay in Yosemite; behind the RV is the gently flowing Merced River. We spent our evenings building a bonfire, toasting marshmallows and recalling our day's adventures.

We went to many beautiful places with our faithful RV and had a blast on our vacation, the details of which will follow, post by post!


Manisha said...

Shilpa, welcome back! Sounds like you had a blast! Did you drive across to CA or did you fly and then rent an RV? Inquisitive minds want to know because they have been dying to do something similar!

shilpa/eon said...

Manisha, it was just fantastic. Living in an RV was so much fun. We picked up the RV from Oakland and drove from there to Yosemite, on highway No.1, Napa valley, Pismo etc. It saved us a lot of money too, we realized.

I remember you wondering if Medha would like something like this. My neice,13 and nephew,10 enjoyed it a lot and had a blast.