18 Apr 2007

Flower Fest - P for Phlox subulata

swallowtail butterfly feasts on the nectar

Phlox subulata is a low growing plant with tiny needle like leaves that stay green throughout the year. In spring, during the bloom period, the flowers take over and form a spectacular colorful carpet.

creeping all over the slope

It spreads wild if allowed space, thus earning the name creeping phlox. The plant comes in a few different colors and when planted next to each other it makes an attractive sight. They are native to the eastern United States.
I found it planted on a slope near a State Park on one of my Saturday morning hikes.

This is my entry for P at Flower Fest - The A - Z of Flowers

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Manisha said...

Shilpa, that pic with the butterfly is gorgeous!!

Prashanth M said...

lovely photos!!

shilpa/eyeonnature said...

Manisha and Prashanth, thanks! I'm very happy with how the photo turned out.

musical said...

Dear Shilpa,

Thank you so much. Those words of yours meant a lot.....

and the pictures are so pretty.....simply soothing!

shilpa/eyeonnature said...

you are welcome musical. I'm glad you find the picture soothing :)

bee said...

you take simply gorgeous pictures. the light is great.

shilpa/eyeonnature said...

Thanks bee. It helped that it was early morning on a bright but cloudy day. I'm happy to say that this is exactly how the flowers looked off-camera.
Waiting to see what wonders you'll churn out with your new macro lens!

bee said...

we don't have a macro lens. jai's playing with the lens reversal with our existing lenses.

shilpa/eyeonnature said...

Oh! I did not read the post carefully. I was more interested in knowing the answer to the quiz. I thought it was a gulab jamun! It is only now I saw how the picture was taken.
Wow, I learnt something new. I'm going to read the link of reversal technique when I get the time.