24 Apr 2007

Washington DC , 5-8 April

We started our drive from C'lotte to DC around seven at night and it was past midnight by the time we settled into our hotel. We managed to do a lot of things the next day which was a Friday, despite the really cold weather! It even snowed the next day! We used the wonderful public transport system of DC (Metro) to travel.

List of things we did on Friday: Day 1

White House
Washington Monument
WWII Memorial
Vietnam war memorial
Lincoln memorial
Korean War memorial
Walk around the Tidal Basin enjoying the last of the Cherry Blossoms
Roosevelt memorial
Thomas Jefferson memorial
Chinatown - Chinese food (don't forget the lemon chicken!)
Capitol Hill
Arlington national cemetery
Iwo Jima Memorial

List of things we did on Saturday: Day 2

National Zoo (most animals had taken a cold day off!)
FBI Building
Navy Memorial
Supreme Court
Ethiopian lunch
Union Station
Longest escalator in the western hemisphere (Wheaton station)

Day 3

Checked out of the hotel and went to meet my friend K in her home.
We were meeting after four years and it felt wonderful to spend time with her family!

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