14 Jul 2007

Sunset on Lake Calhoun

I recently had the opportunity to go sailing in an old sailboat on Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. I got a brief sailing lesson and did pretty well i.e. the sailboat stayed afloat and went in the general direction of land. That's enough achievement for a day, for me!

It was magical to watch the sun. It painted the sky in vivid colours as it slowly disappeared out of sight. My pictures don't do justice at all to the wonderful sunset I witnessed.
It was a glorious end to a beautiful day. Sigh!


bee said...

wow. i've missed a lot of your posts. great pics, all of them.

Prashanth M said...

lovely pictures!! here after a long time... lots of posts to catch up.. :)

shilpa/eon said...

Hi bee and prashanth, thanks for dropping by and your comments!