24 Aug 2009


I'm so excited now that flower fest is back. Apart from inspiring me to go look for wildflowers, this blog gets a new lease on life.

In this round of FF, like the last time, I'm going to try as much as possible to send in entries of wildflowers. First up is purple and here are my two entries.

The first one is Wild Brinjal or Purple Fruited Pea Eggplant

Brinjal is a plant from the family Solanaceae, native to India and Sri Lanka. The wild plant has large prickly leaves and star shaped flowers that are white or purple. The Wild Brinjal has berry like fruit with tiny numerous seeds. This particular plant did not have any, else I would have scavenged some, as we like to eat it cooked with onion, tomato, tamarind and other Indian spices. I think the berries are used in Thai cooking well.

My second entry is the Crown Flower or Giant Milkweed from the family Asclepiadaceae.

Commonly found growing in fields and ditches, the plant has flowers growing in clusters with each flower containing five petals with a crown in the center.

The plant attracts small birds, a number of insects and butterflies. The flowers bloom throughout the year, but are abundant in the summer months. This type of Milkweed is native to India. I took these pictures on my morning walk.

I'm sending these to this month's FF.

Flower Fest - the A-Z of Flowers

PS I'm going to pretend like I've never been away!

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Manisha said...

You were away? See! I didn't even notice ;-)

And you are so right - your milkweed is so different from mine! Yours is a different species but from the same milkweed family. Freaking cool!!