25 Sep 2009


Gulmohar (Delonix regia)

I'm very lucky to live in a house surrounded by trees, and luckier that majority of them happen to be Gulmohar, my favorite flowering tree. In the flowering season, we get awesome views from almost every window in the house, including the bathroom windows. My favorite is the kitchen window where I have spent many moments enjoying cups of chai admiring the flowers with the squirrels and parrots to keep me company.

the flowers make for gorgeous bokeh too

the view from our balcony looking at our street

the squirrels like snacking on the silky petals

my baby likes it too

The cheery flowers never fail to put a smile on my face. My hard disk is groaning with the number of photos I have taken of these flowers last summer. The photos here are all taken from inside my house.

the individual flowers are stunning too

Gulmohar is from the Fabaceae family and flowers from April to July. It is grown as a street tree mainly for its ornamental properties. An Indian summer is incomplete without the flamboyant flowers.

This is my entry for orange at flower fest.
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