16 Feb 2007

Mr. Cardinal

Flash of color on a cold winter morning.


Manisha said...

I used to put sunflower seeds out for the cardinals that came knocking in spring. And my neighbors were very upset cos they said they dirtied the place with their poop. Both sides to everything, eh?

Shilpa said...

Yeah some birds can be such pests. I have a small feeder, a gift, which is mainly for the small finches and warblers where the big birds cannot get to them. The cardinals come which just peck at seeds fallen on the ground and are no trouble at all.
Recently I read about a person who shot a cardinal for “disturbing her peace” and boasted about it on a Newsweek article. She may now face $15000 fine for shooting a federally protected bird.
I’m always torn when it comes to the issue of letting birds find their food naturally like nature intended or just put out some seeds for them.