27 Feb 2007

Jones Gap State Park

Saturday morning hike in Jones Gap State Park, South Carolina.

Hiking in the deep woods with dense foliage, narrow trails, sound of the little stream gurgling and myriad other sights and sounds of the jungle is, for me, deeply rewarding. A and I went on one such soul satisfying and sole hurting hike on Saturday, 24 Feb.

We were enthralled with the nature surrounding us in this state park. The little wooden bridge, the tall-tall trees and the clear water of the brook were all so inviting. After registering at the trailhead, we set off. At first, we were ambling along stopping frequently to take pictures of things, which we thought made interesting subjects to post on flickr! But we quickly got over the hangover and increased our pace a bit, frequently checking the HR monitor to make sure we were within the fat-burning range (whole 'nother story!)

After about two hours of serious hiking punctured with a few photo sessions we stopped for a quick lunch of tuna salad and crackers and a snicker bar.
We set off again after this short break aiming to finish off the rest of the trek quickly. With a bit of irritated snapping at each other (read on his part) for no specific reason, A and I landed at the parking lot to head back home.

Invigorated by this walk in the lap of nature, we soon made up on the two and half hour ride home and were friends again. Another mini highlight of the trip was that we did not stop on the way to refuel our system with junk food; we came home and like good children ate palak dal and aloo subjee instead. Yippee!

Total trek time: 3 hours, 45 minutes
Distance: 5.5 miles (8.8 kms!)

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