25 Feb 2007

Flower Fest - L for Lagerstroemia Indica

Lagerstroemia Indica, commonly called Crape Myrtle
Photographed in June last year.

The delicate flowers of the crape myrtle appear in clusters and come in shades of white, pink, purple or lavender. They also go by the name Crepe Myrtle (the petals resemble crinkly crepe paper, that's why) and are popular because they are easy to grow, withstand drought and are long living.
The striking flowers in summer, the brilliant foliage in fall and the stark, attractively gnarled look of the tree in winter provide year-round beauty to gardens and parks.

The Crape myrtles are planted everywhere in the city I live in now and it is a joy to watch them burst into color in spring and summer. It is also special to me because it reminds me of Bangalore so much.

This is how the tree looks in full bloom.

This is my second entry for the letter L at
Flower Fest - The A - Z of Flowers

Flower Fest is an enjoyable way to learn more about your favorite flowers. If you are into photographing or painting flowers, or an avid gardener, then Flower Fest is for you. Peek in there and join the party!

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