14 Mar 2007

Mammoth Cave National Park - Part 2

As we were returning from ‘caving’ at MCNP, it started snowing. At first, it was very light and the tiny flakes were being blown in all directions by the strong wind. It took us some time to realize that it was snow. We decided to have lunch at the café inside the park (bad food but the only place for food) As we ate, we watched the snow dance around from the windows.

We decided to go for a small walk/hike and chose a trail from the maps provided. We bundled up really well and set off. By now, the snow had increased slightly and was hitting us in the face but not in an unpleasant way. It was fun watching V who was experiencing her first snowfall. We took the trail leading to the River Styx and saw it emerging from below the cave into the open. After a small photo session, we set off further into the Kentucky forest and saw the Echo Springs River.

River Styx emerging from the cave

Soon it was time now to head back. After a quick snack of apples, we started climbing uphill. As we were nearing our destination, we were rewarded with the view of two Eastern White-tailed deer grazing. They just gave us sufficient time to take a hurried photo before bounding off into the forest.

Eastern White-tailed deer

Overall, the walk was a relaxed one, and we enjoyed the atmosphere the small snowfall had created.

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