17 Mar 2007

McDowell Nature Preserve - March 12, 2007

We picked McDowell Nature Preserve as our Saturday morning hiking destination this time, only that it was afternoon by the time we set off on the trek.

This preserve is the oldest in Mecklenburg County and is not very far from our place. It was a short drive and we set off on the Shady Hallow Trail. The days are beginning to get warmer and spring is in the air. As a result, we got to see some early spring wildflowers that are just coming up. I saw Bloodroot, Round-lobed hepatica, Bluets, Muscari and Starchikweed on the side of the trails. Very soon, I'm sure their numbers will increase and I'm looking forward to making another trip to photograph the flowers.

The trek itself was an easy one; the trail went up and down and in places bordered around Lake Wiley. The water of the lake was a muddy brown and was dotted with people in boats and canoes. The park seemed like a popular family picnic area too as we saw many people enjoying their barbecue lunches.

It was a pretty day and we enjoyed wandering on the trails shaded with the tall trees of the preserve. Will definitely make a trip there again when we are in a mood to do some quick hiking without spending too much time driving to get to our destination.

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