28 Mar 2007

Saturday Walk - 24th March

This Saturday's walk was in a green little paradise in the middle of
the city called McMullen & Lower McAlpine Creek Greenway.

The greenway walking track in parts is next to a swamp and there are boardwalks to walk on. We started at a moderate pace, watching birds, deer, squirrels and plenty of spring wildflowers. Since we left home late evening and did not have enough daylight to walk the entire four miles and back, we did two miles and turned back to reach the lot.

Eastern White-tailed deer

A Mallard looks for lunch

We have plans to go there again and enjoy an evening of jogging in the midst of the pleasant greenery.

Update: I went here again on the following Wednesday with T. We did the entire trail (till the end and back) which is a total of 8 miles in two hours. This time I saw two Tortoises along with everything I saw the previous time. This time my only complaint was that it was too hot even though the walking path was shaded with trees. The migraine I got after I got home is another story.

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