3 Jun 2007

Building a Trail

The first Saturday of June is celebrated as National Trails Day in the US. When we heard about an event for building a new trail in a local state park, organized by REI, we volunteered. Since we have spent so many weekends in that park enjoying the well-laid hiking trails, we figured that this was a good opportunity to 'give back'. What better way to do that than volunteer to build a trail?

We set off early this morning and met up with the other people who had volunteered. The distance to the new trail location was a short drive away and we rode there in the back of a pick-up truck, which was a lot of fun. We spent the morning getting dirty digging the earth, raking the leaves and uprooting roots and stones.

We were rewarded with a simple but nutritious lunch and a cool t-shirt from REI for all that work. The event was a lot of fun! I came back with another new experience, and some pictures I managed to take along the way.

The booth distributing T-shirts

Working on the trail

After the trail was cleaned up

Ah, lunch!


Manisha said...

Kudos to you two for volunteering! It must feel good!

shilpa/eon said...

It does feel good! It was a lot of fun too. I'm now looking forward to doing a hike there :)