20 Jun 2007

Sulphur Spring

My previous post reminded me of a different hot spring. This is an old picture of a sulphur spring near Joshimath in India. The soft bubbling mud, the blue steam and the gushing hot water was an astonishing sight. It also smelt horrible like rotten eggs!

According to the locals, one can boil an egg here in under a minute. The water cools down a bit as it comes down the hillside and is channeled into two pools, one for men and the other for women, to bathe in. The water is said to have medicinal properties. The place was deserted and we had the pools to ourselves. The warm water felt good in the cold weather and did not smell so strongly. I'm glad I got over my initial reservation, as it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


bee said...

beautiful. i know what that smells like. yellowstone has that smell in a lot of places.

shilpa/eon said...

Thanks bee! I was so taken aback by the smell. At that time I was sulking big time to fully appreciate this wonder, because our original plan of trekking in the Valley Of Flowers was canceled due to landslides.

Yellowstone is on my list of places to visit. Hopefully, this year.