14 Jun 2007

Flower Fest - T for Trifolium repens and Trifolium pratense

My entry for this round of FF is from the clover family. I have white and purple/pink clovers.
Clovers are native to Europe and introduced in the US as a pasture crop. They can be found throughout the US in warm weather. Clovers have three oval leaflets with V shaped markings on them. The ball-shaped flower head is made up with many small flowers, and is very attractive to bees. Some flowers are edible and used in salads and to make tea.

I found both these on the pavement outside my house.

The white clovers are called Trifolium repens. The flowers look like a little white ball and once a bee or other pollinating insect has visited it, the petals droop and reveal the red center indicating that it does not have to be visited again.

The pink or the purple clover is Trifolium pratense and is considered nutritious food for livestock. The flowers and leaves are slightly bigger than the white clover.

This is my entry for the letter T at Flower Fest
Flower Fest - the A-Z of Flowers


Anonymous said...

Shipa - Just yesterday I noticed these flowers in a wildflower tract near my house. They are just about an inch. You captured this well!

shilpa/eon said...

Thanks N&M. These clovers are really tiny. There are so many of them right outside our front door and they look very pretty in the early light. The bees are having a good time feasting on them.