5 Jun 2007

Mariposa Grove

The beautiful grove with the Giant Sequoia Redwoods deserves a post of its own. We spent over 5 hours walking 14 miles, exploring the thousands of years old trees. A walk among them is truly an awesome experience. Some snapshots of the grove:

Mariposa Grove of the Giant Sequoias

I found this interesting sign near the entrance to the grove
The Grizzly Giant, the biggest tree in the grove, and a major crowd puller

A Chipmunk
Tannin rich bark of a Sequoia
Giant tree= giant cone. The tree grows from seeds.
A Mule Deer peeks out at us as we pass him

The Fallen Tunnel Tree
The Bachelor and Three Graces

A Woodpecker, pecking away, unmindful of the people trying to photograph him

The Faithful Couple Tree

Bird's eye view of Wawona from Wawona Vista Point


Manisha said...

Oh you have created wonderful memories! Thanks for sharing! These are incredible pictures of a true giant!

shilpa/eon said...

Manisha, I'm notorious for forgetting details of such trips we do, so I'm happy that I'm recording these things here. It is fun, this blogging thing and I have you to thank for that.